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Doctors Lose Rights to Fight Malpractice Claims

Doctors surrender their right to control their destiny in lawsuit once they obtain traditional malpractice insurance whether by policy, captive or self insured risk retention group. It is the insurance company, not the doctor, that decides whether or not to settle a malpractice claim as demonstrated by a recent court case. A potential claim could therefore be settled by an insurance company purely on the basis that it could be cheaper to settle the claim then to fight it in court, even if the claim has little or no basis. This ruling puts more Florida doctors at risk that have traditional medical malpractice insurance.

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Hospitals Not Liable When Doctors Go Bare

Doctors that have "gone bare" thinking it will make hospitals share in their malpractice claims are mistaken. A judgment from a case in Miami demonstrates going bare will not obligate hospitals to protect doctors in malpractice suits.

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MSO Opportunities Emerging

Deciding to regain control, the core of the Presley Law Center begins with assisting individual physician practices to achieve significant efficiencies thereby decreasing cost, increasing profitability and achieving higher standards of care. While the Presley Law Center provides these services on an ad hoc basis and with an a la carte style menu, FTC and Department of Justice Enforcement Policies on anti-trust now favor MSO development which allows the attorneys of the Presley Law Center to offer fully integrated MSO services for both the horizontal and vertical market. The Presley Law Center operates unlike other practice management companies that employ physicians and who enter into their own contracts for services.

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