Eliminate Medical Malpractice Premiums

The program allows physicians and practice groups to self-insure themselves while providing a greater degree of shelter for their assets. Physicians gain total control of their financial responsibility – no longer depending on traditional professional liability insurance, which is costly and settles cases based on cost efficiency and not on the merits of the case. Physicians now have the control over their own destiny.

This will contain, or in most cases completely eliminate, medical malpractice premiums for the physicians and satisfy their respective financial responsibility requirements as set forth by current statutes as well as in the bylaws of their respective health care facilities.

This system includes the preparation and execution of a series of legal documents and specialized financial programs that carry forth the intended goal. Using these interconnected legal documents and financial programs, this medical malpractice program places effective legal monetary caps on all sorts of compensatory and non-pecuniary damages, which could not be done by prior legislative efforts. Physicians no longer need to fear over the rising cost of premiums or the nonconsensual settlement of frivolous lawsuits which benefit only the interest of the malpractice carrier. The physician retains the right to defend the lawsuit and to settle it on his own terms if at all. This acts as a sharp deterrent against the filing of frivolous lawsuits in the first instance.

This renewed control will eliminate the frivolous and unsubstantiated lawsuits that previously had been settled for significant dollars. The combination of legal, financial planning, banking and entrepreneurship will provide physicians with the system that will change the healthcare industry forever.

"...I was seriously thinking about retiring because of all the stress caused by rising malpractice premiums. With the implementation of the Escrow Account, I am able to continue my practice on my terms."
-- Aurea Tomeski, M.D. - Boca Raton, Fl.


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