Florida Doctors and Physicians
Going Bare

Florida Doctors choosing to go bare without the Presley Law & Associates Alternative Approach to Traditional Medical Malpractice Insurance face a host of problems as:

:: Making a simple declaration to have $250,000 available to pay claims does not mitigate their liability for judgments that exceed that amount;

:: The doctor is then precluded from filing for bankruptcy after making that declaration;

::Any previously protected assets, such as property, trust and qualified plans, can now be broached as the doctor’s declaration states that they will personally satisfy the judgment.

::The doctors face problems with credentialing by both hospitals and HMOs which can dramatically affect current and future income streams.

While there is a short term benefit for Florida physicians that eliminate medical malpractice premiums by going bare, the risk associated with this strategy is severe. It is also unnecessary for most, as a solution does exist in Florida to eliminate the medical malpractice premiums without going bare.

"...The Escrow Account saved us a lot of money. It freed up capital which enabled me to invest in other development interests."
-- Mark Freeman, M.D. - Delray Beach, Fl.


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